21 décembre 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur VIDEO. HOW A VEGAN GIRL DOES BUSINESS ?


Have you ever wondered how those girl bosses you're watching on TED (we really should do more yoga and watch less TED right? ) manage to be that joyful without taking any drugs?We really don't know!

Then, we met this crazy sexy parisian bosslady here who really knows how to do it... She created, Jay & Joy, the first Vegan creamery in the heart of Paris. She is sooooo energizing, 1 minute with her and we thought we could even miss our yoga class tonight, for real!

OR we go watch her glow and then, we go to our yoga class right after...  Speaking about yoga, do you know Oly Be, in Paris? We might soon show you how its parisian founder has crazy glowing secrets too!

Video produced by the Sparkle Team I Editorial & Art Direction. Melody & Asha I Production. Guillaume Mougin

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