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People judging: The secret to not bother

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A few days ago - after a few weeks working & giving talks & workshops for different medias & brands - I was finally having a very cool diner with this friend I love! Finally far from my job  environment right?

But she started reporting me about an event we had imagined together were I was actually leading the concept, the organisation + leading the conference interviews for 2 hours because none of the talents wanted to do it... I had to lead all of this and keep smiling. And I did it with my heart, my fav teams & our good vibes!


I've been in front and behind the cameras playing with a perfect posture for more than 10 years. Today I favor authenticity. This is my style, and this is what I now love doing... And one of the speakers who had this perfect "outside posture" (these people I love coaching the day they realise they miss all the fun) told my friend she was surprised I hadn't had the 'perfect' journalist posture I should have had during this event we'd been designing, being 'too cool', not enough 'corporate sometimes'

And my friend to report all of the details of their conversation...


What was it all about? Jealousy? Myself being not at the right place? None of this. In fact, the more you'll be showing up on & offline, the more you will be designing your very personal way, and take risks: The more people will judge you, because they'll want you & need to control you at the same time, get a bit of your secrets but with less of this, more of that...

And the more you'll have to stay authentic to what you want to draw, the more you'll design amazing things, the MORE you'll face these situations.

The thing is people will criticize you either way (if you're perfect or if you're authentic, even if you're both). To become your authentic self, you will need to be stronger because it will become you're everyday life.


So how to be that strong and stop worrying about how "the world" sees you? This will never really happen but you can handle it & get less and less attached to it. Because your mission & passion will be stronger & sing louder.

And then, why scrolling through your instagram feed even 5 mn & comparing to others is actually hurting you? Researchers have found that envying your friends on social medias actually lead to depression while thinking "why do this girl has all the luck" "why doesn't she want to be my friend or like my environment? Am I not enough?"... Can't help thinking that way right?

So here is the secret to becoming mentally strong with Amy Morin


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