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How to get others to pay for your trip to Bali?

Need some money? Did you know that you could literally fund anything today? Believe me… from startups, college to honeymoons and even divorce! Yeah, I’m not kidding!! As weird as it may sound, crowdfunding a divorce is becoming more common than you may think! But before engaging in a Crowdfunding Crusade make sure that it is the right thing for you. Don’t just follow the crowd, do it for a good reason and execute it correctly !

GET DOWN TO THE NITTY-GRITTY: Yeah folks, that’s correct! Don’t wing it! Choose the right platform. Are you doing crowdfunding or crowdinvesting? Who are the main users? Are they really your targets? Which industry(ies) are you aiming for? What are the terms of the platform? Choose wisely.

My advice: platforms such as KissKissBankBank are funding projects, designed for filmmakers, musicians, designers, developers, illustrators, explorers, writers, journalists..but if you want to fund your divorce: plumfund.com might be a good match!

KNOW THE RISKS: What’s the deal? CrowdInvestors beware: you might be liable for paying money back in the future. And when do you get the money? Are you ready to share your intellectual property with the crowd? Don’t let yourself be in for a nasty surprise down the road.

My advice: Pay attention to the risks! Your ideas are online for lots of people to see and there is a risk of someone duplicating your proposition. Check out the risks here!

KNOW THE RULES: We don’t have a clear legal framework in Europe yet. The EU Commission is still exploring the potential of crowdfunding to identify if there should be European-level policy action. But some countries like Germany have a different policy, you better be “au fait” with it!

My advice: Check the legal framework in our respective countries, as it might be quite different from your neighbours! Check out the German policies, for instance.

BUILD TRUST: How will you spend the money? Who are you? Be honest about your motivations. People will participate if they like the venture, the idea and the person behind it. They are less likely to give their money to something that seems sketchy or far-fetched.

My advice: Engage with the community during the campaign. Communication and transparency are key for a successful Crowdfunding campaign.

FOSTER TENACITY: Don’t be afraid of ruffling some feathers! Remind people again and again and again that they want to support you. You’re spamming but it’s okay, often people forget that they wanted to make a donation, so don’t give up!

My Advice: Keep pushing. Some backers require five or six reminders before they can pause long enough to donate. So make it, at least seven!

The “Ostrich Pillow” - offers a way to take a cozy and comfortable power nap anytime, anywhere - is one of the most successful and weirdest Kickstarters campaign we've ever seen. It. Launched in 2012 with a goal of $70,000, the campaigned raised $195,094 from 1,846 backers in only 30 days.

So, are you ready to crowdfund your Ferrari?
No kidding! Some have already tried but have not succeeded yet but who knows you could make it!

Do you believe in the crowd power? Post your comments below!

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