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We all know that creating inspiring surroundings can have a direct impact on our creativity. Let's face it, it's even more important than having a strategy for your biz. If you don't have the environment to welcome your creativity, the dynamic won't be there. Your working place is 'serious stuff'. And we know what we are talking about… Here at Sparkle, we are right in the middle of it. Cardboards driving us crazy! But how to do it like a born/raised Parisian? Here are some examples of super cool design home offices from Pinterest that can spark your creative energy to become more productive !

Be sophisticated like Sézane
Clean working spaces can be boring. And boring is not inspiring. Some candles, a vintage lamp, open shelving and comfy cushions will add seriously stylish aspects to your office. Or, just like Sézane showroom, showcase the most beautiful pieces of your wardrobe in your salon.








Mix & Match like My Little Paris
One of our favorite « tips on how to » newsletter editor My Little Paris just  know how to inspire with their different workspaces & houses (yes they are a parisian media, but do have a real HOUSE in Montmartre). We love how they think the place as if it were their own home, with drawings from their iconic illustrator Kanako mixed with colors, vintage furnitures in a very parisian building.








Start from home like Garance Doré did
The superblogger Garance likes to remind her followers she started her business in a small Parisian studio, working from her bed. So, hey, freelances there, this is where you can start creating your very stylish working & inspiring place. This is where your adventure begins.














Use your walls to get more space
These tiny but oh-so-stylish offices are a real inspiration. Especially love the vintage looking wall bureau that you can close when not using it. Perfect for messy gals like us…!








Be a minimalist collector like You May Love It

If you are a black and white girl, crazy about geometric design (especially dots), you’ll find plenty of inspiration on the blog You may love it. All wannabe minimalist know that there exist so many beautiful minimalist jujus these days it’s hard to resist buying them, so don’t hide your precious collections, leave them at plain sight. Only, don’t forget to clean the dust like crazy Monica from Friends would do.








Get the flower power
Freshly cut flowers are classy. But if you don't have the time to drop by the florist - our favorites are Paris Pampa in Paris & Lady Brindille in Bordeaux by the way -, get one of the newest it-things in Paris: a terrarium. Yeah, they are now ubiquitous, and there is a reason for that; you only have to water them once or twice a year and they are as stylish as a piece of nature can be under a glass dome.









Written by Zoé, our social media manager & sweet Art Director at Sparkle


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