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When you work as a freelance, or are what we call an instapreneur… you might as well struggle to create your business from sratch. Every day is an opportunity to join a new tribe, meet a new potential partner or… stay in bed and watch netflix until the end of time ! It’s actually not that easy to start your day and keep going, step by step. So here are a few tips from our favorite girlbosses & instapreneurs in Paris, London and Copenhagen who might help you A LOT.


Lena, creative mind & illustrator on @lenapx, and her Flipbook 

I really need to start my day with a good breakfast. Something sweet, nourishing, to give me good energy and to put me in a good mood. Then, I love taking the time to clean up and organize a bit my workspace, and, the most important : make a to-do list of the day, so I can organize my time... and it’s so satisfying for me to cross these things off my list when they’re done!

Anaïs, from N.A.N.Y France & the incredibly inspiring Instagram @anadasilv

Source : @anadasilv

"I am proud of overcoming the scare I had for years to go after what I was. And I remind myself : it’s never too late to be who you were meant to be. I have different tattoo. One of them is VICI on my wrist. It reminds me of the bad times I have been through and how much I struggled to get my life back and to start living for me rather than for others. Anytime I feel low I look at it and I think NEVER AGAIN. I just put on my shoes and walk my dog take some air and here I go again."

Aurélie, from the Blog Plume d'Auré and her sunny instagram account @plumedaure

"What motivates me everyday is the human aspect in all this, to me this is all the meaning there is behind. Interaction, feedback... Knowing that people read me, and, sometimes, learn from me. Also learning from them. Human discussions ! It’s not just me in front of a computer, it’s me exchanging everyday life tips and motivation with thousands of link-minded people, and it’s so passionning ! And I always listen to myself and follow my instinct. Intuition is strong for me. I try to follow my own rythm and to never do something I don't feel for."

It’s a tweetable : « It’s never too late to be who you were meant to be ». Anaïs. 



"I usually do a 7 mn workout on my little terrasse, to feel fresh and ready for the day. Then I make a delicous muesli bowl, and take a beautiful picture for instagram. I always try to post my first pic of the day around 8 to spread good vibes for my follower's day ! I want them to feel happy, and smile !"

Maud, from Juste Maudinette and her Insta, @maudinettte

Source : @maudinette

"I write my articles in the morning for the blog. And in the afternoon I take pics and work on my collaborations."


"A creative morning routine ? Pinterest...however you can easily end up spending a full hour without even realizing it!!! But you can get so much inspiration from pinterest!! that’s true genius invention."


"As I work from home it’s important for me to dedicate a space, for my work-day. My little office has to be beautiful and a source of inspiration."

It’s a tweetable « My creative morning routine : A 7 mn workout on my little terrasse, to feel fresh and ready for the day ». Aurélie. 



Source : @plumedaure

"Can energy influence your life & business? Definitely. It does everything I think. Energy is special. It goes through screens. You can feel it. I believe that's why you follow an account/person or not. Of course for the content, but mostly from the energy it spreads."


"I have done reiki for 2 years and I am a true believer of : you attract what you shine and of serendipity. However the way I perceive it is not luck : you have to be in the right state of mind to see what life brings you, what opportunities are there, what paths are opening. It might be here for a long time but you may as well be closing from it. Once you decide to chase away the clouds, you can see what is surrounding you."


"My one & only advice would be not to give any advice, but follow your feelings. Keep being spontaneous, along the way. And of course, energy is the most important thing to develop this kind of business."


Source : @lenapx

"Sometimes, when my current projects are not going so well, or when I haven’t got the time in weeks to create something for myself only (and not for a client), it’s more difficult to stay confident and to be proud of my work. In those moments, I try to save a little time everyday to do something that I know I’m good at (like baking a cake), or that makes me feel good (doing yoga, going to the swimming pool, having a drink with a friend, hug my boyfriend). I really think it’s vital not to allow yourself to be submerged by your work, and to take good care of your soul."

It’s a tweetable "It’s vital not to allow yourself to be submerged by your work, and to take good care of your soul", Léna. 

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