"How do you harness the energy of war and use it to a time of peace and magic ? I have a secret for you... if you think something is magic, there will be millions of other people who think so too".

With the Cosmic Project, Mélody wants to create theatrical moments which reveal to people that everything is about flow & connection. And if you understand that everything is connected, you stop being harmful and slow down to create miracles faster. And that's what The Cosmic Project is all about. It' about unplugging to awaken your inner guru. 

Launched in french first, next February 2019, the book is a new magical stone in Melody’s ways to share on topics around how to awaken your inner magic, slow down to speed up internally with cool stories, tools and amazing girlboss interviews.
JOURNAL Magical stories for girlbosses
Magical stories for girlbosses
How does it feel like to live as an intuitive girlboss? Melody loves sharing the sweet discussions she has with the creative minds who surround her. Around a coffee, she infuses her work/love/life discussions with a bit of poesy and a lot of magic.
COSMIC PARTY for modern poetesses & witches
Want to know more?
A warm, glamorous and festive session mixing inspiring talks with a cosmic meditation to enhance and energise your aura & creativity in music. 

COACHING Be your own publicist
This means you have Melody for 60 mn just for yourself. In your favorite environment or her studio, she’ll help you draw your own meaningful adventure.

MEDITATION ALBUM Be your own muse
Listen to pure magic!
A soft & efficient ‘meditation’ method mixing visualization, potential optimization technics, music and relaxation to awaken your potential !

SPEAKING Book Mélody
Melody is thrilled to share on topics around entrepreneurship, creativity and intuition.

She loves talking about « finding balance in your Girlboss journey», « Sparkle more through meditation & cosmic tips ».
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