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15 avril 2018 - Commentaires fermés sur WHAT WITCHES DO, GIRLBOSSES SHOULD DO TOO


Ok there! So lately, I’ve had many emails & mps on Instagram around how to awaken your inner magic… or witch (ouhhhhhhh). What are my favorite technics to set intentions, work with the flow? Let magic enter into your life?

Believe it or not. I’m an entrepreneur, a business woman – tell me about it, when agencies tell us we are too expensive for them. We, freelancers, young entrepreneurs/solopreneurs in the events/digital/ creative world are not too expensive for brands, they love what we do... and we are not going to create concepts for advert & events agencies to win awards, without paying for it, it’s life. Either you create your own concepts or you buy concepts from others. Get used to it, or accept that classical agencies are dying… -  So, having said that.

I am also a girl boss witch. I have practical tools to develop my business. And magical ones. And mixing those two have been my most favorite habit on earth those past 6 years (since I’ve created my company).

So here are 3 of my most favorite habits to set intentions & play with my inner magic





1. A visionboard. Just for you to understand how it looks like, if you’re not yet a visionboard goddess (you’ll soon be, trust me)… A vision board has to look like a painting (A3 or A4 format) filled with inspiring messages & pictures, colours to settle your vibration and wishes for the future.

How do you want your life to feel like? How do you want your romantic partner to be like?  How should your business life will be filled with in a few months?

Choose pictures that make you feel good right in the moment. Do the same with nice words (write or take some words from magazines that inspire you) and don’t overthink the process. Just do it for fun and let the magic happen. Creative people tend to do MOOBOARD very often & it helps them on a daily basis. Just connect to this practice with the same attitude. Just let it be fun & inspiring to you.

You can make one at every new moon, but I tend to create one every 3 months to let time for magic to happen. I keep mine in a nice envelop and only look at it during my new moon meditations. To let go & relax. And I also have more elegant polaroid moodboard next to my desk that reminds me of my favorite inspirations!

Here are a few examples on pinterest...


2. Your favorite cristals. I bring them everywhere with me to protect my energy, help me be more creative or dreamy. Or grounded, depending on my interior state. I bought mine in New-York but you choose them by touching them in your hands. If they feel a little hot, they’re good for you. Don’t worry too much about their meanings as they really have a connection with you depending on your inner story. My point of view.


3. Notebooks dedicated to your intentions& dreams for the future,if I want to keep my intentions and look at them later or a nice paper and a pen, where I’ll write down my intentions. And burn the paper after my meditation, to let “the universe work for it, or for something even better” without me wanting to schedule the outcome.

And to be sincere. I have notebooks for every part of my life. An evening thank-you notebook, helping me every evening to be thankful for all the surprises I’ve found during the day. A monthly notebook for my intentions & another one for my morning thoughts & night dreams. My husband loves offering them to me, so it makes the whole process even more precious!






Would say yes… The best time to set your intentions is during the new moon phase. Again, it’s how you feel about it that will make you choose the new moon instead of another period during the month.
But if you feel like trying, there is the agenda of the different moons periods & attitudes around it.

And here is a little planner I love to remind me when to clear energies & when to set my intentions:





And now that you’re ready to get a little creative & mystic (or just creative) around all this, here is a little gift for you.

My favorite New Moon Meditation Ritual,a 20 to 60 mn session… And a few things you can buy to meditate in a magical environment…

*** Here you go guru  ***

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16 mars 2018 - Commentaires fermés sur HOW TO ATTRACT SUCCESS…


Are there secrets to get the contracts & clients you want? Do successful girl bosses have tips to create the best conditions for successful collaborations to finally feel their schedule & bank account with sparkles?

Haha, well, no, there's no secret.

BUT yes their are tips to have a better posture, a better attitude towards your futur clients & an efficient way of leading the big thing that is your business strategy... When we talk about how you sell yourself & how you give the permission to your clients or futur ones to dream about working with you (again & again).

Let me show you... In this little video!

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16 février 2018 - Commentaires fermés sur GIRLBOSSES: HOW TO SURVIVE THE BAD DAYS


A few weeks ago... While we were having quite a complicated time at the studio... We were looking for a feel good conference to help us recharge. Because we just need to relax & chill sometimes... In Europe & especially in France, we know how to show the dark side of an adventure, even before its beginnings… AND YES. Building your biz is as hard as building a home & a day-to-day life with your soulmate  sometimes. And you'll never be in the « Ever After » place for more than an hour or two.

The feeling of being finally where you’re supposed to be, will last, for a moment. And will go away. And the process of being & learning how to be a successfull entrepreneur ? This will last forever, as this is a journey.

This is what Sophia Amoruso, Founder & CEO of GIRLBOSS MEDIA is today trying to share  across the US & on this video...

And this is the point here girlbosses ! You need to learn how to find your cocoon, in an insecure environment. And this is where feel-good contents around our girlboss life can help. Just because it helps soothe your mind & calm your ego. As the child within us, listening to nice stories, helps. A lot.

So here are:


That could help you just be a little happier, when you'd rather go back to bed, on a Monday morning.

And remember… WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, AT EVERY STAGE OF OUR BUSINESS so surround yourself with people that help you grow and sparkle. And take care of your everyday life, the very important part of how you feel is hidden in these little habits.


Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss. This show is loosely based on the true story of Nasty Gal Founder, Sophia Amoruso.

2. THE FILM, The Intern :

70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.

3. OUR FAVORITE QUOTES, feeding the team everyday :   



Stressed out





Down the dump

That you might have a real panik attack


You’re supposed to learn everyday. Not so many entrepreneurs actually know what they do when they start their business. They hide behind their pride, but learn while they’re actually doing the thing they don’t know how to manage yet. They ajust everyday. So just accept that you’re learning next to people that might also have no clue where they are going, even if they do pretend they do. So keep sparkling, at every stage. Because you’re living the best creative of your life and the journey, with its ups & downs is as exciting as the moments of success.

written by Mélody, Founder & Creative Director @ Sparkle Inspire


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21 décembre 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur VIDEO. HOW A VEGAN GIRL DOES BUSINESS ?


Have you ever wondered how those girl bosses you're watching on TED (we really should do more yoga and watch less TED right? ) manage to be that joyful without taking any drugs?We really don't know!

Then, we met this crazy sexy parisian bosslady here who really knows how to do it... She created, Jay & Joy, the first Vegan creamery in the heart of Paris. She is sooooo energizing, 1 minute with her and we thought we could even miss our yoga class tonight, for real!

OR we go watch her glow and then, we go to our yoga class right after...  Speaking about yoga, do you know Oly Be, in Paris? We might soon show you how its parisian founder has crazy glowing secrets too!

Video produced by the Sparkle Team I Editorial & Art Direction. Melody & Asha I Production. Guillaume Mougin

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7 novembre 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur People judging: The secret to not bother

People judging: The secret to not bother

picture of Melody, Sparkle & Amelie, Equilibre & Saveurs by From Paris Agency


A few days ago - after a few weeks working & giving talks & workshops for different medias & brands - I was finally having a very cool diner with this friend I love! Finally far from my job  environment right?

But she started reporting me about an event we had imagined together were I was actually leading the concept, the organisation + leading the conference interviews for 2 hours because none of the talents wanted to do it... I had to lead all of this and keep smiling. And I did it with my heart, my fav teams & our good vibes!


I've been in front and behind the cameras playing with a perfect posture for more than 10 years. Today I favor authenticity. This is my style, and this is what I now love doing... And one of the speakers who had this perfect "outside posture" (these people I love coaching the day they realise they miss all the fun) told my friend she was surprised I hadn't had the 'perfect' journalist posture I should have had during this event we'd been designing, being 'too cool', not enough 'corporate sometimes'

And my friend to report all of the details of their conversation...


What was it all about? Jealousy? Myself being not at the right place? None of this. In fact, the more you'll be showing up on & offline, the more you will be designing your very personal way, and take risks: The more people will judge you, because they'll want you & need to control you at the same time, get a bit of your secrets but with less of this, more of that...

And the more you'll have to stay authentic to what you want to draw, the more you'll design amazing things, the MORE you'll face these situations.

The thing is people will criticize you either way (if you're perfect or if you're authentic, even if you're both). To become your authentic self, you will need to be stronger because it will become you're everyday life.


So how to be that strong and stop worrying about how "the world" sees you? This will never really happen but you can handle it & get less and less attached to it. Because your mission & passion will be stronger & sing louder.

And then, why scrolling through your instagram feed even 5 mn & comparing to others is actually hurting you? Researchers have found that envying your friends on social medias actually lead to depression while thinking "why do this girl has all the luck" "why doesn't she want to be my friend or like my environment? Am I not enough?"... Can't help thinking that way right?

So here is the secret to becoming mentally strong with Amy Morin


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3 novembre 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur FREELANCERS: 3 RULES TO SURVIVE


Picture from amazing Belle And Bunty

We want it, we sometimes don't know where to start to find it and when it comes, we get scared. And when it disapear, we want it back. Crazy right? Not so much.

Noooo am not speaking about love. But success. How to create it on a daily basis, especially for those like me who are entrepreneurs & mainly work from home ? How to nurture it, nicely, without being obsessed?

Here are some essentials I practise daily 🙂 in this video where one of my good friends told me I should have a very "frenchy accent"... So I did! How do you like it ^ ^
And what about your tips ?

written by Mélody, Founder & Creative Director @ Sparkle Inspire

Production. Elie Arki

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31 août 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur 5 SEXY MORNING HABITS FROM PARISIAN GIRLBOSSES


Parisian girlbosses & many european girls who run their successful job actually tend to go a bit slower than many girlbosses around the world. And it IS important that we respect that. Because success doesn’t mean rushing through life... Why not taking time to apreciate it? And speaking about that, here is how our favorite successful & happy girlbosses wake up to an amazing morning every day !


1. Reading a real book in bed before anyone wakes up

2. Having an organic café, while reading the news, in  front of your sweet little office

3. Meditating before you enter a meeting room, in the bathroom

4. Bying the best candles and flowers for every space - office, cowork space, room, apartment, ...

5. Walking through Paris for an hour instead of exercising hard

written by Zoé, Social Media Manager & Art Manager  @ Sparkle Inspire


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12 mai 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur VIDEO. Freelance & newborn baby… How to stay alive?

VIDEO. Freelance & newborn baby… How to stay alive?

Did you ever tried breastfeeding during a conference call? Well, I’m sure that many mompreneurs will recognise themselves in this very awkward situation. I am speaking out of experience here, it’s no easy task… Being an entrepreneur is hard, it’s lots of work just like being a mom. So why on earth did I decide to do both? Why would any sane person want to become a mompreneur? You’ll certainly not get a full 8 hours of sleep while running your business and keeping up with your sporting slick hair, impeccable manicure, facials and the latest Louboutins…

You know what ladies, it’s OK! Yeah, it’s ok to feel bad and guilty about having to leave your baby or neglect a bit your clients… If you thought this entrepreneur thing would be all glitz and glam… welcome to real world… It’s not going to be like that everyday… it’s challenging juggling with kids, household chores, conference calls, business meetings… So take a short break and listen to Kat, our super mompreneur who reveals a few personal tips to get this thing rolling …


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28 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur GIRLBOSS: A HAIR SALON IN AN APARTMENT


My hair get crazy all the time. They do exactly what they want. Really. They have, in fact their own life, without asking me for any permission. So I’ve dreamed of having a hairdresser at home, in secret. A secret place where time stops and you'd stop worrying about your biz, and your life, and your apartment and your body going crazy! AND… THIS PLACE DOES EXIST.

Kat founded le 161, a few years ago in Paris. She's in her mid 30s, freelance and successful and she's a mum... So we decided to have a chat with her, and discover the sexiest hairdressing concept we know in Europe! No kidding!


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13 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur AN ART DEALER GIRL IN PARIS


« Les expos à la maison » is the crazy challenge of Sellah, one of the founders of this incredible platform bringing artists and artworks to your living room! She not only has an insanely cool hairstyle but a great personality. Enjoy this short interview where she reveals : what it means to be a Parisian girlboss but also her morning rituals and what she is the most proud of.

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