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31 août 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur 5 SEXY MORNING HABITS FROM PARISIAN GIRLBOSSES


Parisian girlbosses & many european girls who run their successful job actually tend to go a bit slower than many girlbosses around the world. And it IS important that we respect that. Because success doesn’t mean rushing through life... Why not taking time to apreciate it? And speaking about that, here is how our favorite successful & happy girlbosses wake up to an amazing morning every day !


1. Reading a real book in bed before anyone wakes up

2. Having an organic café, while reading the news, in  front of your sweet little office

3. Meditating before you enter a meeting room, in the bathroom

4. Bying the best candles and flowers for every space - office, cowork space, room, apartment, ...

5. Walking through Paris for an hour instead of exercising hard

written by Zoé, Social Media Manager & Art Manager  @ Sparkle Inspire


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12 mai 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur VIDEO. Freelance & newborn baby… How to stay alive?

VIDEO. Freelance & newborn baby… How to stay alive?

Did you ever tried breastfeeding during a conference call? Well, I’m sure that many mompreneurs will recognise themselves in this very awkward situation. I am speaking out of experience here, it’s no easy task… Being an entrepreneur is hard, it’s lots of work just like being a mom. So why on earth did I decide to do both? Why would any sane person want to become a mompreneur? You’ll certainly not get a full 8 hours of sleep while running your business and keeping up with your sporting slick hair, impeccable manicure, facials and the latest Louboutins…

You know what ladies, it’s OK! Yeah, it’s ok to feel bad and guilty about having to leave your baby or neglect a bit your clients… If you thought this entrepreneur thing would be all glitz and glam… welcome to real world… It’s not going to be like that everyday… it’s challenging juggling with kids, household chores, conference calls, business meetings… So take a short break and listen to Kat, our super mompreneur who reveals a few personal tips to get this thing rolling …


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28 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur GIRLBOSS: A HAIR SALON IN AN APARTMENT


My hair get crazy all the time. They do exactly what they want. Really. They have, in fact their own life, without asking me for any permission. So I’ve dreamed of having a hairdresser at home, in secret. A secret place where time stops and you'd stop worrying about your biz, and your life, and your apartment and your body going crazy! AND… THIS PLACE DOES EXIST.

Kat founded le 161, a few years ago in Paris. She's in her mid 30s, freelance and successful and she's a mum... So we decided to have a chat with her, and discover the sexiest hairdressing concept we know in Europe! No kidding!


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19 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur MAKE YOUR HOME OFFICE SPARKLE


We all know that creating inspiring surroundings can have a direct impact on our creativity. Let's face it, it's even more important than having a strategy for your biz. If you don't have the environment to welcome your creativity, the dynamic won't be there. Your working place is 'serious stuff'. And we know what we are talking about… Here at Sparkle, we are right in the middle of it. Cardboards driving us crazy! But how to do it like a born/raised Parisian? Here are some examples of super cool design home offices from Pinterest that can spark your creative energy to become more productive !

Be sophisticated like Sézane
Clean working spaces can be boring. And boring is not inspiring. Some candles, a vintage lamp, open shelving and comfy cushions will add seriously stylish aspects to your office. Or, just like Sézane showroom, showcase the most beautiful pieces of your wardrobe in your salon.








Mix & Match like My Little Paris
One of our favorite « tips on how to » newsletter editor My Little Paris just  know how to inspire with their different workspaces & houses (yes they are a parisian media, but do have a real HOUSE in Montmartre). We love how they think the place as if it were their own home, with drawings from their iconic illustrator Kanako mixed with colors, vintage furnitures in a very parisian building.








Start from home like Garance Doré did
The superblogger Garance likes to remind her followers she started her business in a small Parisian studio, working from her bed. So, hey, freelances there, this is where you can start creating your very stylish working & inspiring place. This is where your adventure begins.














Use your walls to get more space
These tiny but oh-so-stylish offices are a real inspiration. Especially love the vintage looking wall bureau that you can close when not using it. Perfect for messy gals like us…!








Be a minimalist collector like You May Love It

If you are a black and white girl, crazy about geometric design (especially dots), you’ll find plenty of inspiration on the blog You may love it. All wannabe minimalist know that there exist so many beautiful minimalist jujus these days it’s hard to resist buying them, so don’t hide your precious collections, leave them at plain sight. Only, don’t forget to clean the dust like crazy Monica from Friends would do.








Get the flower power
Freshly cut flowers are classy. But if you don't have the time to drop by the florist - our favorites are Paris Pampa in Paris & Lady Brindille in Bordeaux by the way -, get one of the newest it-things in Paris: a terrarium. Yeah, they are now ubiquitous, and there is a reason for that; you only have to water them once or twice a year and they are as stylish as a piece of nature can be under a glass dome.









Written by Zoé, our social media manager & sweet Art Director at Sparkle


Check our Pinterest page for more home office design inspiration

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15 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur GOT FOMO? 5 TIPS TO GET OVER IT


Is your smartphone the first thing you pick up in the morning and the last thing you check at night? Do you spend hours scrolling through your social media feeds? And on top of that, your social calendar is oversaturated? Yet still, do you constantly feel that you might be missing out on the best events?! Well if you answered “yes” to the questions above, then, it is quite likely that you are suffering from FOMO or Fear of Missing Out!

FOMO Phobia or Addiction to Social Media

Welcome to the FOMO era! While FOMO has, in fact, existed for centuries, its prevalence and intensity has greatly accelerated over the past few decades. Thanks to the advent of the internet, and particularly social media, today we live in an information-rich (and obsessed) society. Thus enabling FOMO “addicts”: in just a click they can scrutinize the highlights of their “friends” lives in real-time. All they need to do is rush to their Facebook feed!

Cure to FOMOitis : 5 tips

Phobia or hysteria? There has been a lot of research on the topic and it seems that FOMO can have a real, detrimental, impact on psychological health. So, how to overcome this addiction? Here are five helpful tips:

#1 Technology is great but not always indispensable
A life dictated by technology don’t leave room for creativity! Connect to people and know when to disconnect from gadgets… Turn off that phone and close that laptop, you don’t need them all the time!

#2 Power of Small and Simple Things
The digital world brings a lot of opportunities but so does the real world! You have a lot of amazing people surrounding you that you get to see and meet everyday without social media! Great things to do where you connect with real people and nature. Slow down, engage your senses or go for a walk!

#3 Stay conscious and aware!
Social Media isn’t real! Remember that people share the most exciting parts of their lives not everything they do! Where to draw the line, then? If you start realising that social media is actually preventing you from being social… you could start right from there!

#4 Say “STOP” to information overload!
This one is really tricky! I personally sometimes get entangled in this vicious circle! So how do you cope with information overload? Say “STOP!” You don’t need to read everything, we're human beings, not machines!

#5 Learn to meditate.
If it works for many other addictions, it would definitely help you overcome FOMO. Take 10 mins to reflect on yourself! Relax. Quiet your mind. Enjoy the silence. Let go of the distractions. Breathe!

Don’t let social media, and technology keep you away from living your real lives to the fullest! So, if you are in the hottest place in town and you are still wondering whether you picked the best option, then step back, try our tips above…

Ready to cure your FOMO?

This article was written by the Sparkle Team

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13 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur AN ART DEALER GIRL IN PARIS


« Les expos à la maison » is the crazy challenge of Sellah, one of the founders of this incredible platform bringing artists and artworks to your living room! She not only has an insanely cool hairstyle but a great personality. Enjoy this short interview where she reveals : what it means to be a Parisian girlboss but also her morning rituals and what she is the most proud of.

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11 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur VIDEO. YOU SUCCEEDED, NOW WHAT?


I had the chance to travel to Bali at the same period when "Eat, prey, love" was filmed. One of the biggest (and most false) compliment I ever received is when a random surf instructor at Kuta beach told me over a Coca Cola that I looked like Julia Roberts. As a petite brunette, I believed him only for a fracture of a fracture of a second, but still. It felt good. In reality, we had nothing in common: I was on holiday, whilst Julia’s character was on the run: from her former life, from her exes, from herself. For me it was a discovery, for her a quest to find her center again. "Eat, prey, love’s" author Elizabeth Gilbert speaks in this TED video about finding home, home being "what you love most in your life, even more than you love yourself". About how to stay centered in every circumstances and not depend on the "random hurricane of outcome". Beautiful.

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11 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur How to turn your wishes into reality

How to turn your wishes into reality

One of the scariest thing in life is actually living one that is going to be mediocre all the way. Somehow, everybody I know, including myself, is absolutely certain that great things are coming on his or her way, it is only a question of time. How could it be otherwise? But somehow it is when you had enough of the waiting and ready for the doing that things start to change around you. If only you could renounce the drama of a hero's journey and accept to do the small gestures, you could experience a whole new way to turn your wishes into reality. Here is a great article published originally in the New York Times. Enjoy it and keep us posted about your no-regrets wish list!

Last week, I shared how scared and worried I felt at the thought of losing my wife after her accident. As frightening as that experience was, it also helped me reflect and decide that I didn’t want any more regrets.

I thought you might feel the same way, so I asked for your deathbed wish list. What things would you wish you could have done if you suddenly had very little time left?

Your emails were amazing! They reminded me a lot of the many messages I received when I wrote about getting permission to make major changes in our lives.

I asked a few of you to create a visual version of your wish lists, and you can see them here. But I was left wondering: What’s next? What can we do to make sure that these wishes become reality instead of regrets?

For me, this process is pretty simple (but not easy):

1. Pick one thing on my list.

2. Decide today to do one thing that will get me closer to making that one thing a reality and further away from regret.

3. Do that one thing.

4. Repeat tomorrow.

5. Wake up in a year with fewer regrets.

The problem with this process is that it’s too simple. It lacks all the theatrics and drama of the hero’s journey.

In short, it sounds boring. Day after day, just doing small, little things.

I’m not into boring. The process reminds me of compound interest — that’s also boring, but it works.

However, I know of no other way. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Small, simple things done consistently over a long time produce meaningful results.

So, here is what I’m going to do. I’m finding one thing on my wish list, and I’m doing something about it today. Then, I’ll do it again tomorrow.

Will you join me?

Carl Richards, a certified financial planner, is the author of “The Behavior Gap” and “The One-Page Financial Plan.”

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6 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur VIDEO. A juice to get fresh ideas

VIDEO. A juice to get fresh ideas

Fresh detox juice brand Nubio's founder tells us about her rocky beginnings. On the menu, her best advice to her younger self would be patience! Watch the video and find out why.

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4 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur How to get others to pay for your trip to Bali?

How to get others to pay for your trip to Bali?

Need some money? Did you know that you could literally fund anything today? Believe me… from startups, college to honeymoons and even divorce! Yeah, I’m not kidding!! As weird as it may sound, crowdfunding a divorce is becoming more common than you may think! But before engaging in a Crowdfunding Crusade make sure that it is the right thing for you. Don’t just follow the crowd, do it for a good reason and execute it correctly !

GET DOWN TO THE NITTY-GRITTY: Yeah folks, that’s correct! Don’t wing it! Choose the right platform. Are you doing crowdfunding or crowdinvesting? Who are the main users? Are they really your targets? Which industry(ies) are you aiming for? What are the terms of the platform? Choose wisely.

My advice: platforms such as KissKissBankBank are funding projects, designed for filmmakers, musicians, designers, developers, illustrators, explorers, writers, journalists..but if you want to fund your divorce: might be a good match!

KNOW THE RISKS: What’s the deal? CrowdInvestors beware: you might be liable for paying money back in the future. And when do you get the money? Are you ready to share your intellectual property with the crowd? Don’t let yourself be in for a nasty surprise down the road.

My advice: Pay attention to the risks! Your ideas are online for lots of people to see and there is a risk of someone duplicating your proposition. Check out the risks here!

KNOW THE RULES: We don’t have a clear legal framework in Europe yet. The EU Commission is still exploring the potential of crowdfunding to identify if there should be European-level policy action. But some countries like Germany have a different policy, you better be “au fait” with it!

My advice: Check the legal framework in our respective countries, as it might be quite different from your neighbours! Check out the German policies, for instance.

BUILD TRUST: How will you spend the money? Who are you? Be honest about your motivations. People will participate if they like the venture, the idea and the person behind it. They are less likely to give their money to something that seems sketchy or far-fetched.

My advice: Engage with the community during the campaign. Communication and transparency are key for a successful Crowdfunding campaign.

FOSTER TENACITY: Don’t be afraid of ruffling some feathers! Remind people again and again and again that they want to support you. You’re spamming but it’s okay, often people forget that they wanted to make a donation, so don’t give up!

My Advice: Keep pushing. Some backers require five or six reminders before they can pause long enough to donate. So make it, at least seven!

The “Ostrich Pillow” - offers a way to take a cozy and comfortable power nap anytime, anywhere - is one of the most successful and weirdest Kickstarters campaign we've ever seen. It. Launched in 2012 with a goal of $70,000, the campaigned raised $195,094 from 1,846 backers in only 30 days.

So, are you ready to crowdfund your Ferrari?
No kidding! Some have already tried but have not succeeded yet but who knows you could make it!

Do you believe in the crowd power? Post your comments below!

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