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16 mars 2018 - Commentaires fermés sur DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS TODAY


And how to handle the wait…  

Hello girlbosses out there! It’s been quite a snowy weather for a while in Paris and even the cars where slowing down, which is quite rare here (Netflix end of the world series lover, helloooo). So the rhythm here at the studio has been following the bit!  SLOW MOTION. But slow doesn’t mean you’re not boosting your creativity and working “hard”. Slowing down mean sometimes, when you’ve been working so hard on your dreams, letting, partly the ideas & the collaborations come to you. Sometimes the energy is blocked and being resistant to the major energy rhythm will only burst your energy faster. And your energy is your most precious weapon,right? You’re a marathon runner as a girlboss, don’t forget this.

So what to do, when the collaborations are nearly there but not yet. When you’re in for new projects but the clients tell you ‘we’ll think about it, comin’ back in a few weeks to you’. This is a pass, and not that easy sometimes. So HERE ARE 4 TIPS TO NOT GIVING UP ON YOUR DREAMS TODAY, AND HANDLE THE WAIT:

Handling the wait. Wow this is the hard part right? Because you don’t know what to do with your brain & body until the pass opens up again… So here are tips I’ve been using so many times… And they do work for many like-minded entrepreneurs & friends.


I’ve done it so many times. My best friends & favorite entrepreneurs have done it several times too. When you feel like nothing is happening and you’re surrounded with a slow energy, projects being post-poned, it’s time to take care of your energy and rhythm. Meaning? You need to have the impression & give the impression that you’re already running everywhere with projects, so that people feel they’ll need you too.

Yes, you’ll totally fake it for a while. But we’re all the same when it comes to choosing people. We want those who are working with everyone, everywhere. So make people feel you’re this kind of talent, even if in reality you’re at home watching Netflix & eating your last bits of croissants.

And why not helping friends or people launching their own adventures? Those people you might need a little later, when you’ll actually be stressed out with too much work on your shoulders. Help people, give advices, give some of your time to projects you love for free, until you have more energy to work on your own…


Moving your furniture, buying just little details to add a little colour of whatever makes you feel important, and already in your future you life, can make a real difference. We put energy on the things that surround us. So by moving things, you tell your body & energy that you’re already ready for a change, a bigger move, and you make some space for the new things coming.

Well-known entrepreneurs, as Estée Lauder would have told you, believe that beauty opens new capacities in your head. So let’s surround yourself with signs of the new projects we want to welcome in our life for the months coming.


Ahhh, my favorite subject on earth. Why "not working physically, is actually working"! I’m on it right now, leaving for a week in Thailand. So as I have a few events, when I’ll be back home, I have to organise everything before I leave. BUT. We need to create some new energies pattern. And sometimes, there’s no other way but to leave the projects for a week or two, and just let our brain & body totally relax. Holidays aren’t really entrepreneurs best friends. But it’s  A VERY BIG ERROR. I’ve tried with & without, and my creativity & efficiency are much better when I do take real breaks, without my computer .So let the magic happen without you and come join me in Thailand!


Here’s a little list of things that work quite well when you’re supposed to design your vision in the virtual world, before creating it IRL:

  • Make or remake this list of things you’re already thankful for. Classic right? But I’m literally doing it on a daily basis. Being thankful has an impact on your mind, your subconscious, and your everyday creativity. Just make it a daily habit, before going to bed. And let the magic happens.
  • Make a mooboard/ a visionboard. And if you already did one a few weeks, months ago, do it again, just for the good feeling it brings you. You can even readjust the whole thing with new images you feel like adding. Then keep this magic peace of paper with you everywhere as it’s a good reminder for your soul & mind to work for you on your vibrations & own power of attraction.
  • Don’t surround yourself with yourself, and if you’re on a "I'm freaking and fragile" moment of your life, choose carefuly the people surrounding you. They have to be inspired by what you do or at least who you are, and caring. Your energy could change everything in your life right now, so watch out how people make you feel and be careful to stay in the best environment until you get what you want.

Et voilà, hope you liked this article as much as I loved writing it! Pardon for the English imperfections, doing my best really!

Keep sparkling and let me know how you go with those tips on Instagram!

Bisou bisou


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16 février 2018 - Commentaires fermés sur GIRLBOSSES: HOW TO SURVIVE THE BAD DAYS


A few weeks ago... While we were having quite a complicated time at the studio... We were looking for a feel good conference to help us recharge. Because we just need to relax & chill sometimes... In Europe & especially in France, we know how to show the dark side of an adventure, even before its beginnings… AND YES. Building your biz is as hard as building a home & a day-to-day life with your soulmate  sometimes. And you'll never be in the « Ever After » place for more than an hour or two.

The feeling of being finally where you’re supposed to be, will last, for a moment. And will go away. And the process of being & learning how to be a successfull entrepreneur ? This will last forever, as this is a journey.

This is what Sophia Amoruso, Founder & CEO of GIRLBOSS MEDIA is today trying to share  across the US & on this video...

And this is the point here girlbosses ! You need to learn how to find your cocoon, in an insecure environment. And this is where feel-good contents around our girlboss life can help. Just because it helps soothe your mind & calm your ego. As the child within us, listening to nice stories, helps. A lot.

So here are:


That could help you just be a little happier, when you'd rather go back to bed, on a Monday morning.

And remember… WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, AT EVERY STAGE OF OUR BUSINESS so surround yourself with people that help you grow and sparkle. And take care of your everyday life, the very important part of how you feel is hidden in these little habits.


Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss. This show is loosely based on the true story of Nasty Gal Founder, Sophia Amoruso.

2. THE FILM, The Intern :

70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.

3. OUR FAVORITE QUOTES, feeding the team everyday :   



Stressed out





Down the dump

That you might have a real panik attack


You’re supposed to learn everyday. Not so many entrepreneurs actually know what they do when they start their business. They hide behind their pride, but learn while they’re actually doing the thing they don’t know how to manage yet. They ajust everyday. So just accept that you’re learning next to people that might also have no clue where they are going, even if they do pretend they do. So keep sparkling, at every stage. Because you’re living the best creative of your life and the journey, with its ups & downs is as exciting as the moments of success.

written by Mélody, Founder & Creative Director @ Sparkle Inspire


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7 novembre 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur People judging: The secret to not bother

People judging: The secret to not bother

picture of Melody, Sparkle & Amelie, Equilibre & Saveurs by From Paris Agency


A few days ago - after a few weeks working & giving talks & workshops for different medias & brands - I was finally having a very cool diner with this friend I love! Finally far from my job  environment right?

But she started reporting me about an event we had imagined together were I was actually leading the concept, the organisation + leading the conference interviews for 2 hours because none of the talents wanted to do it... I had to lead all of this and keep smiling. And I did it with my heart, my fav teams & our good vibes!


I've been in front and behind the cameras playing with a perfect posture for more than 10 years. Today I favor authenticity. This is my style, and this is what I now love doing... And one of the speakers who had this perfect "outside posture" (these people I love coaching the day they realise they miss all the fun) told my friend she was surprised I hadn't had the 'perfect' journalist posture I should have had during this event we'd been designing, being 'too cool', not enough 'corporate sometimes'

And my friend to report all of the details of their conversation...


What was it all about? Jealousy? Myself being not at the right place? None of this. In fact, the more you'll be showing up on & offline, the more you will be designing your very personal way, and take risks: The more people will judge you, because they'll want you & need to control you at the same time, get a bit of your secrets but with less of this, more of that...

And the more you'll have to stay authentic to what you want to draw, the more you'll design amazing things, the MORE you'll face these situations.

The thing is people will criticize you either way (if you're perfect or if you're authentic, even if you're both). To become your authentic self, you will need to be stronger because it will become you're everyday life.


So how to be that strong and stop worrying about how "the world" sees you? This will never really happen but you can handle it & get less and less attached to it. Because your mission & passion will be stronger & sing louder.

And then, why scrolling through your instagram feed even 5 mn & comparing to others is actually hurting you? Researchers have found that envying your friends on social medias actually lead to depression while thinking "why do this girl has all the luck" "why doesn't she want to be my friend or like my environment? Am I not enough?"... Can't help thinking that way right?

So here is the secret to becoming mentally strong with Amy Morin


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3 novembre 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur FREELANCERS: 3 RULES TO SURVIVE


Picture from amazing Belle And Bunty

We want it, we sometimes don't know where to start to find it and when it comes, we get scared. And when it disapear, we want it back. Crazy right? Not so much.

Noooo am not speaking about love. But success. How to create it on a daily basis, especially for those like me who are entrepreneurs & mainly work from home ? How to nurture it, nicely, without being obsessed?

Here are some essentials I practise daily 🙂 in this video where one of my good friends told me I should have a very "frenchy accent"... So I did! How do you like it ^ ^
And what about your tips ?

written by Mélody, Founder & Creative Director @ Sparkle Inspire

Production. Elie Arki

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2 octobre 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur HOW TO ACT WHEN PEOPLE STEAL YOUR IDEAS ?


Steal my ideas, I'll come up with some more" Chanel

I've always work on this idea. Because I've had many situations where I was the one to taste new ideas, without money. And if you're a young start-up or entrepreneur, you might have the energy, the ideas, especially if you're in a creative environment. But you won't have the funds to be powerful enough to launch it as quickly as any other big brand. So how do you react if a big company or even a friend steal your idea? What the best posture to have, when you feel copied? 

This is the subject of this first love letter to your soul... 1 mn to make your feel better & spread your wings! 
Written by Mélody, Founder & Creative Director @ Sparkle Inspire
Video. by Mélody & Guillaume Mougin

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23 juin 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR SMILE !


When you pull a long face, you put at work more than sixty facial muscles. When you smile, only eighteen. Why get tired? But why exactly should you smile to the world?

Science has proved that the more you smile the more positive reactions others will give you. Could appear to be logic, but it's even more scientific.

Professor Ruth Campbell from University College London believes there is a mirror neuron in the brain that triggers the part responsible for the recognition of faces and causes an instant mirroring reaction. We, simply speaking, copy the facial expressions we see. This is why regular smiling is important even if you don’t feel like it cause smiling influences other people’s attitudes and how they respond to you.

More concretely, smiling during the first seconds of an important meeting produced a positive response on your audience and gives better sales ratios ...

However, a real smile creates small wrinkles around the eyes, the less sincere people smile with their mouth. Genuine smiles are generated by the unconscious brain, which means they are automatic.

And if you're not sure about smiling or not to the world... for your biz life. Do it for yourself and watch this TEDx VIDEO... where Ron Gutman reviews a raft of studies about smiling, and reveals some surprising results. Did you know your smile can be a predictor of how long you'll live? And that a simple smile has a measurable effect on your overall well-being? Prepare to flex a few facial muscles as you learn more about this evolutionarily contagious behavior.

 Written by Mélody, Founder & Creative Director @ Sparkle Inspire

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8 juin 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur 4 FRENCH INSTAPRENEURS BEST TIPS


When you work as a freelance, or are what we call an instapreneur… you might as well struggle to create your business from sratch. Every day is an opportunity to join a new tribe, meet a new potential partner or… stay in bed and watch netflix until the end of time ! It’s actually not that easy to start your day and keep going, step by step. So here are a few tips from our favorite girlbosses & instapreneurs in Paris, London and Copenhagen who might help you A LOT.


Lena, creative mind & illustrator on @lenapx, and her Flipbook 

I really need to start my day with a good breakfast. Something sweet, nourishing, to give me good energy and to put me in a good mood. Then, I love taking the time to clean up and organize a bit my workspace, and, the most important : make a to-do list of the day, so I can organize my time... and it’s so satisfying for me to cross these things off my list when they’re done!

Anaïs, from N.A.N.Y France & the incredibly inspiring Instagram @anadasilv

Source : @anadasilv

"I am proud of overcoming the scare I had for years to go after what I was. And I remind myself : it’s never too late to be who you were meant to be. I have different tattoo. One of them is VICI on my wrist. It reminds me of the bad times I have been through and how much I struggled to get my life back and to start living for me rather than for others. Anytime I feel low I look at it and I think NEVER AGAIN. I just put on my shoes and walk my dog take some air and here I go again."

Aurélie, from the Blog Plume d'Auré and her sunny instagram account @plumedaure

"What motivates me everyday is the human aspect in all this, to me this is all the meaning there is behind. Interaction, feedback... Knowing that people read me, and, sometimes, learn from me. Also learning from them. Human discussions ! It’s not just me in front of a computer, it’s me exchanging everyday life tips and motivation with thousands of link-minded people, and it’s so passionning ! And I always listen to myself and follow my instinct. Intuition is strong for me. I try to follow my own rythm and to never do something I don't feel for."

It’s a tweetable : « It’s never too late to be who you were meant to be ». Anaïs. 



"I usually do a 7 mn workout on my little terrasse, to feel fresh and ready for the day. Then I make a delicous muesli bowl, and take a beautiful picture for instagram. I always try to post my first pic of the day around 8 to spread good vibes for my follower's day ! I want them to feel happy, and smile !"

Maud, from Juste Maudinette and her Insta, @maudinettte

Source : @maudinette

"I write my articles in the morning for the blog. And in the afternoon I take pics and work on my collaborations."


"A creative morning routine ? Pinterest...however you can easily end up spending a full hour without even realizing it!!! But you can get so much inspiration from pinterest!! that’s true genius invention."


"As I work from home it’s important for me to dedicate a space, for my work-day. My little office has to be beautiful and a source of inspiration."

It’s a tweetable « My creative morning routine : A 7 mn workout on my little terrasse, to feel fresh and ready for the day ». Aurélie. 



Source : @plumedaure

"Can energy influence your life & business? Definitely. It does everything I think. Energy is special. It goes through screens. You can feel it. I believe that's why you follow an account/person or not. Of course for the content, but mostly from the energy it spreads."


"I have done reiki for 2 years and I am a true believer of : you attract what you shine and of serendipity. However the way I perceive it is not luck : you have to be in the right state of mind to see what life brings you, what opportunities are there, what paths are opening. It might be here for a long time but you may as well be closing from it. Once you decide to chase away the clouds, you can see what is surrounding you."


"My one & only advice would be not to give any advice, but follow your feelings. Keep being spontaneous, along the way. And of course, energy is the most important thing to develop this kind of business."


Source : @lenapx

"Sometimes, when my current projects are not going so well, or when I haven’t got the time in weeks to create something for myself only (and not for a client), it’s more difficult to stay confident and to be proud of my work. In those moments, I try to save a little time everyday to do something that I know I’m good at (like baking a cake), or that makes me feel good (doing yoga, going to the swimming pool, having a drink with a friend, hug my boyfriend). I really think it’s vital not to allow yourself to be submerged by your work, and to take good care of your soul."

It’s a tweetable "It’s vital not to allow yourself to be submerged by your work, and to take good care of your soul", Léna. 

Wanna know more about how to launch your own Insta business? Let's meet in Paris at le Carreaux du Temple with Instagram successful people the 17th of June!

Interviews by Mélody, Founder & Creative Director @ Sparkle Inspire


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