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Hey there, girl bosses. How are you? Just so happy to read & discover your amazing sparkles on & offline everyday.

So today, I wanted to share with you, how I did draw my own very personal & amazing dream job & every day life. With a single but kind of tricky step & 3 actions.


I’ve always been connected to people in a different way. At 3, would tell you my mother, I was listening to people & touching their shoulders as if I was going to take from them all their worries. I could even say clearly to adults « everything is going to be ok ». At 10 I was learning meditation with my grand father, in a very different manner than the ‘experts’ would teach it today. Very intuitive, very pure, very connected, with no serious rule around the practise. And through this practise, I’ve learn to let my inner voice grow. I was practising intuitive writting without knowing it… discussing with my inner voice every single day. And it was soft, and reassuring. And then I grew up.

I grew up as a young adult in front & behind the cameras, attracted by what I thought was glowing.

I grew up as a young adult, guided & mentored by people who knew money could buy nearly everything… And of course I’ve travelled in amazing places, with very smart people.


              2. BUY A TICKET FOR KOH JUM OR BALI …

6 years ago, as I was missing sense, I left for Thailand a few weeks. Lost on a little Island called Koh Jum, with no hot water but amazing souls & food, my plan was clear, chut up the noise & the movement. On this very special Island, I met an old man & a yougner one. The old man wasn’t speaking english or french, but reminded me of the soul langage, that I had learned a few years ago with my grand father. The younger one was a bit younger than me. And was living on this amazing island since he was a baby. He guided me on his island, which had nothing and everything at the same time, explained me how he was living and organising his sweet life. And I spent hours and hours doing nothing with those 2. Going to bed early, reading, eating. At night, sometimes, while I was reading under the stars, surrounded by travellers who would stay a night only on this paradise, the french founder of this place, who was cooking like a goddess, would tell

me that I should let go of my questions, wait less, trust more. But I had so much noise in my head girls…


Now you want to know the answer I found, lost on this island ? No answer at all, at first.

I thought i’d come back to Paris and would be guided by the « universe » to follow my path & intuition, ever after. And nothing came. At all first.

In fact. This trip did bring me an answer. But I wasn’t asking for the right question.

When you’re surrounded by lower energies, lost in a situation, job, personal life or a sick body, don’t ask yourself where you want to be & what you want to build in the 5 years or even months coming. Because it’s not a project you're leading. It’s your inner very most precious voice.

Just ask yourself what’s the next single step you need to do...

And this is what I did. I left my job, gave all the things I had. And went back to my family wooden house in the south west of France. I slept, wrote, sang, ate good food surrounded by my favorite people on Earth. And the little amazing adventure I’m living & drawing right now, started with just that. Don’t expect your body & very powerful brain to build your futur as it would lead a project, if it misses the most precious sparkling thing inside you, your energy. If your energy is too law, you’ll never get to the point where you know exactly where to go or how to listen to your inner guidance.

Your first action is to feel (inside) better. Then very good. When you’re looking for answers, don’t chase them, start by bringing more joy into your life. End of the story.


written by Mélody, Founder & Creative Director @ Sparkle Inspire


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