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15 avril 2018 - Commentaires fermés sur WHAT WITCHES DO, GIRLBOSSES SHOULD DO TOO


Ok there! So lately, I’ve had many emails & mps on Instagram around how to awaken your inner magic… or witch (ouhhhhhhh). What are my favorite technics to set intentions, work with the flow? Let magic enter into your life?

Believe it or not. I’m an entrepreneur, a business woman – tell me about it, when agencies tell us we are too expensive for them. We, freelancers, young entrepreneurs/solopreneurs in the events/digital/ creative world are not too expensive for brands, they love what we do... and we are not going to create concepts for advert & events agencies to win awards, without paying for it, it’s life. Either you create your own concepts or you buy concepts from others. Get used to it, or accept that classical agencies are dying… -  So, having said that.

I am also a girl boss witch. I have practical tools to develop my business. And magical ones. And mixing those two have been my most favorite habit on earth those past 6 years (since I’ve created my company).

So here are 3 of my most favorite habits to set intentions & play with my inner magic





1. A visionboard. Just for you to understand how it looks like, if you’re not yet a visionboard goddess (you’ll soon be, trust me)… A vision board has to look like a painting (A3 or A4 format) filled with inspiring messages & pictures, colours to settle your vibration and wishes for the future.

How do you want your life to feel like? How do you want your romantic partner to be like?  How should your business life will be filled with in a few months?

Choose pictures that make you feel good right in the moment. Do the same with nice words (write or take some words from magazines that inspire you) and don’t overthink the process. Just do it for fun and let the magic happen. Creative people tend to do MOOBOARD very often & it helps them on a daily basis. Just connect to this practice with the same attitude. Just let it be fun & inspiring to you.

You can make one at every new moon, but I tend to create one every 3 months to let time for magic to happen. I keep mine in a nice envelop and only look at it during my new moon meditations. To let go & relax. And I also have more elegant polaroid moodboard next to my desk that reminds me of my favorite inspirations!

Here are a few examples on pinterest...


2. Your favorite cristals. I bring them everywhere with me to protect my energy, help me be more creative or dreamy. Or grounded, depending on my interior state. I bought mine in New-York but you choose them by touching them in your hands. If they feel a little hot, they’re good for you. Don’t worry too much about their meanings as they really have a connection with you depending on your inner story. My point of view.


3. Notebooks dedicated to your intentions& dreams for the future,if I want to keep my intentions and look at them later or a nice paper and a pen, where I’ll write down my intentions. And burn the paper after my meditation, to let “the universe work for it, or for something even better” without me wanting to schedule the outcome.

And to be sincere. I have notebooks for every part of my life. An evening thank-you notebook, helping me every evening to be thankful for all the surprises I’ve found during the day. A monthly notebook for my intentions & another one for my morning thoughts & night dreams. My husband loves offering them to me, so it makes the whole process even more precious!






Would say yes… The best time to set your intentions is during the new moon phase. Again, it’s how you feel about it that will make you choose the new moon instead of another period during the month.
But if you feel like trying, there is the agenda of the different moons periods & attitudes around it.

And here is a little planner I love to remind me when to clear energies & when to set my intentions:





And now that you’re ready to get a little creative & mystic (or just creative) around all this, here is a little gift for you.

My favorite New Moon Meditation Ritual,a 20 to 60 mn session… And a few things you can buy to meditate in a magical environment…

*** Here you go guru  ***

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15 avril 2018 - Commentaires fermés sur NEW MOON MEDITATION FOR GIRLBOSSES


« Walk barefoot, listen to the wind, drink in the moon… Be magic! »

I love witches books & rituals. Maybe because I love rituals. They make me activate my creativity in the present moment and if I need to use beautiful tools during the process … They’re even more precious to me. I’ve had so many good times reading my mother’s witches books when I was a child. I should readapt some of them for you one day here! But until then... How to connect to your inner guru & witch on new moons to set your intentions & play with your magic? Here is a little meditation & ritual I love practicing, in the 8 hours following the new moon.

You can find a calendar of the different moon phases for 2018 right here




Here are a few of my most precious ingredients to start with a NEW MOON INTENTIONS RITUAL…


-      A few fresh flowers & petals, I love buying them at Marché des Enfants Rouges in Paris and love to choose the freshest ones… Because the smell is as important as the look!

-      A hot homemade Matcha or Chaï latte.

-      Favorite cristals. I bought mine in New-York but you choose them by feeling them in your hands. If they feel a little hot, they’re good for you. Don’t worry too much about their meanings as they really have a connection with you depending on your inner story. My point of view.

-      Your favorite candles.I choose organic ones, because they’re not too harmful for my baby’s health. Here, you just need many of them to light your space during your evening meditation.

-      My favorite notebook dedicated to my intentions& dreams for the future, if I want to keep my intentions and look at them later or a nice paper and a pen, where I’ll write down my intentions. And then, burn the paper after my meditation, to let “the universe work for it, or for something even better” without me wanting to schedgule the outcome.

-      My last vision board, (a little explanation here about how to…) with inspiring messages & pictures to settle my vibration.

-      My favorite card-desk & tarots. We're designing some for next winter but since then, I love the amazing Wilde Unknown Tarot Deck, the sweet Gabrielle Bernstein ones, Or/And angel cards from Doreen Virtue of course...

-      Et la touche finale, a rainbow maker or prism to play with your candle lights…




  1. I usually have a bath or long relaxing shower
  2. I wear my favorite soft leggings & and I favor organic cotton whenever I can, and I take care of my body & hair before the process. I take my time.
  3. I Light up my candles and I prepare my favorite CHAÏ LATTE.
  4. Then I set up my cristals, a few petals & card-desks, notebook & visionboard around me, with cushions on the floor or on my bed if I feel comfy on it – sometimes I love being by the window to see the sky…
  5. I’ll also have my little flowers creations all around the place in different vases.


Before the meditation, I’ll read back my visionboard & have a few notes on my intentions notebook. I try to be very precise on the feelings I want to feel, rather than on the things I want to have. For example, “I want my everyday job life to be fun & creative, surrounded by more & more inspiring people” or “I want to feel abundance in my aspect of my life for the months coming”, rather than “I want to win 100K euros next month”. But you just do & try what’s best for you.

Then, I meditate (see the meditation below)

And smoothly go back to my notebook for an intuitive writing session. The meditation might have given me some insights on how to shift my attitude to get what I want. Not everytime so be gentle with yourself. Just write without to much thinking for 2 to 3 pages.

And I end up using my card-desk for a few inspiring last words.





You can start your meditation by this powerful sentence I practiced & learned from Gabby Bernstein when I first met her for a Masterclass in New York ‘I welcome into this space, the (choose your favorite words) energies/angels of the highest good & compassion to guide me & my intentions through this meditation’. And go on with my favorite personal Mental Preparation for Success Meditation session, right here for you. The relaxation part is very essential to get in tune with your alpha mode(when your ego stops focusing so be careful to be very precise with this part of the meditation for the rest of the session to be efficient )

Enjoy the process, and let me know how it went!

VIDEO/AUDIO Private password: beyourownguru

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