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16 mars 2018 - Commentaires fermés sur HOW TO ATTRACT SUCCESS…


Are there secrets to get the contracts & clients you want? Do successful girl bosses have tips to create the best conditions for successful collaborations to finally feel their schedule & bank account with sparkles?

Haha, well, no, there's no secret.

BUT yes their are tips to have a better posture, a better attitude towards your futur clients & an efficient way of leading the big thing that is your business strategy... When we talk about how you sell yourself & how you give the permission to your clients or futur ones to dream about working with you (again & again).

Let me show you... In this little video!

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16 mars 2018 - Commentaires fermés sur DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS TODAY


And how to handle the wait…  

Hello girlbosses out there! It’s been quite a snowy weather for a while in Paris and even the cars where slowing down, which is quite rare here (Netflix end of the world series lover, helloooo). So the rhythm here at the studio has been following the bit!  SLOW MOTION. But slow doesn’t mean you’re not boosting your creativity and working “hard”. Slowing down mean sometimes, when you’ve been working so hard on your dreams, letting, partly the ideas & the collaborations come to you. Sometimes the energy is blocked and being resistant to the major energy rhythm will only burst your energy faster. And your energy is your most precious weapon,right? You’re a marathon runner as a girlboss, don’t forget this.

So what to do, when the collaborations are nearly there but not yet. When you’re in for new projects but the clients tell you ‘we’ll think about it, comin’ back in a few weeks to you’. This is a pass, and not that easy sometimes. So HERE ARE 4 TIPS TO NOT GIVING UP ON YOUR DREAMS TODAY, AND HANDLE THE WAIT:

Handling the wait. Wow this is the hard part right? Because you don’t know what to do with your brain & body until the pass opens up again… So here are tips I’ve been using so many times… And they do work for many like-minded entrepreneurs & friends.


I’ve done it so many times. My best friends & favorite entrepreneurs have done it several times too. When you feel like nothing is happening and you’re surrounded with a slow energy, projects being post-poned, it’s time to take care of your energy and rhythm. Meaning? You need to have the impression & give the impression that you’re already running everywhere with projects, so that people feel they’ll need you too.

Yes, you’ll totally fake it for a while. But we’re all the same when it comes to choosing people. We want those who are working with everyone, everywhere. So make people feel you’re this kind of talent, even if in reality you’re at home watching Netflix & eating your last bits of croissants.

And why not helping friends or people launching their own adventures? Those people you might need a little later, when you’ll actually be stressed out with too much work on your shoulders. Help people, give advices, give some of your time to projects you love for free, until you have more energy to work on your own…


Moving your furniture, buying just little details to add a little colour of whatever makes you feel important, and already in your future you life, can make a real difference. We put energy on the things that surround us. So by moving things, you tell your body & energy that you’re already ready for a change, a bigger move, and you make some space for the new things coming.

Well-known entrepreneurs, as Estée Lauder would have told you, believe that beauty opens new capacities in your head. So let’s surround yourself with signs of the new projects we want to welcome in our life for the months coming.


Ahhh, my favorite subject on earth. Why "not working physically, is actually working"! I’m on it right now, leaving for a week in Thailand. So as I have a few events, when I’ll be back home, I have to organise everything before I leave. BUT. We need to create some new energies pattern. And sometimes, there’s no other way but to leave the projects for a week or two, and just let our brain & body totally relax. Holidays aren’t really entrepreneurs best friends. But it’s  A VERY BIG ERROR. I’ve tried with & without, and my creativity & efficiency are much better when I do take real breaks, without my computer .So let the magic happen without you and come join me in Thailand!


Here’s a little list of things that work quite well when you’re supposed to design your vision in the virtual world, before creating it IRL:

  • Make or remake this list of things you’re already thankful for. Classic right? But I’m literally doing it on a daily basis. Being thankful has an impact on your mind, your subconscious, and your everyday creativity. Just make it a daily habit, before going to bed. And let the magic happens.
  • Make a mooboard/ a visionboard. And if you already did one a few weeks, months ago, do it again, just for the good feeling it brings you. You can even readjust the whole thing with new images you feel like adding. Then keep this magic peace of paper with you everywhere as it’s a good reminder for your soul & mind to work for you on your vibrations & own power of attraction.
  • Don’t surround yourself with yourself, and if you’re on a "I'm freaking and fragile" moment of your life, choose carefuly the people surrounding you. They have to be inspired by what you do or at least who you are, and caring. Your energy could change everything in your life right now, so watch out how people make you feel and be careful to stay in the best environment until you get what you want.

Et voilà, hope you liked this article as much as I loved writing it! Pardon for the English imperfections, doing my best really!

Keep sparkling and let me know how you go with those tips on Instagram!

Bisou bisou


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