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2 octobre 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur HOW TO ACT WHEN PEOPLE STEAL YOUR IDEAS ?


Steal my ideas, I'll come up with some more" Chanel

I've always work on this idea. Because I've had many situations where I was the one to taste new ideas, without money. And if you're a young start-up or entrepreneur, you might have the energy, the ideas, especially if you're in a creative environment. But you won't have the funds to be powerful enough to launch it as quickly as any other big brand. So how do you react if a big company or even a friend steal your idea? What the best posture to have, when you feel copied? 

This is the subject of this first love letter to your soul... 1 mn to make your feel better & spread your wings! 
Written by Mélody, Founder & Creative Director @ Sparkle Inspire
Video. by Mélody & Guillaume Mougin

Published by: Sparkleinspire in Business tools